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Are you looking to build a career as a bus or a coach driver? Do you find thrill in handling larger vehicles? This is your time to shine through our PCV bus driver training in London, Manchester, Birmingham and many other places. People have been widely using buses and coaches as means of transportation since years and the trend is only growing with each passing month. This has created hundreds of PCV driver jobs all across the UK. Our PCV driver training is the best available in the country and contrary to what our instructors teach you, we also provide you coordinators for a smooth flow of your PCV bus driver training.

What our Training Includes

We enable you to train to get your CPC and CAT D licence for bus or coach driving so that you can have a career security for the rest of your life. The PCV bus driver training that we offer consists of many modules; theoretical, practical and ethical. We believe in going into the details to teach you every situation and every aspect that you can face on the road. Here are a few major things you will learn in our PCV driver training.

Driving, reversing of bus or a coach

Rules and regulations of the road

Safety and precautionary measures for yourself, people on board and everyone sharing the road with you

Minor fixings that the bus or a coach requires

Ethical conduct to deal with passengers

We can gladly say that no other training institutes provides such extensive PCV driver training to their students because of extra effort that they are supposed to put in. but with us, it is the opposite, we are well aware of our responsibilities and the fact that we need to produce productive drivers in the society.

Your Career Options

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This right now is the golden opportunity for the people who want to earn thousands of pounds each year by doing something interesting and worthwhile. The shortage of excellent bus drivers in the UK has resulted in numerous vacancies in PCV driver jobs in the UK. With our PCV driver training, you will be earning more than £30,000 per annum with bonuses and incentives aside.

Funding Options

If you have the will then we have the money. Train with our 0% interest rate funding option and pay once you are finished with your PCV driver training.

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