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Multiple HGV Licence Training Professionals

We are the name of excellence in HGV training because we do not take it as an everyday chore. If you are willing to experience an extensive LGV training then this is your chance to come aboard and receive the training which will not only get you your CAT C licence but a great paying job as well.
We are equipped with experienced and skilled professionals who are experts at delivering lectures about LGV driver training in a much smoother way. We value our students’ flexibility and comfort to an extreme level.

HGV Licence Training Categories

Our focus is mainly on catering all sorts of drivers who come to us for help. We have divided HGV training in many categories depending upon the career prospects.

CAT C Licence Training

In CAT C licence training, we train you to operate vehicles like rigid Lorries; great for people who want to make earning being around the block. It comes with great career options like getting a job in paramedics and driving delivery vans etc.

CAT C+E Licence Training

In our CAT C+E licence training, we train you to handle the largest vehicles and trailers available and used to transport heavy goods on longer or shorter routes. This is an extensive HGV training which is on the highest level in the logistics industry.

CAT C1 Licence Training

Our CAT C1 licence training is most suitable for drivers who want to drive vehicles weighing between 3500 kg to 7500 kg. There is a great potential in terms of HGV jobs soon after you get your hands on this licence category.

CAT C1+E Licence Training

The CAT C1+E licence training is perfect for drivers who want to handle vehicles weighing between 3500 kg to 7500 kg along with a trailer below 750 kg. If you want to tow trailers, caravans and horse boxes then this is the licence for you.

Career Opportunities

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All of the above mentioned licence categories are no less than each other. There are numerous HGV jobs in the market which explains the interest of so many people in the logistics industry these days. With a combination of our LGV training and your skills, you can easily make up to £30,000 per annum.

Funding Options with us

We feel privileged to fund your entire HGV training with 0% interest rate loan option if you don’t have ample funds to do so. So train now and pay later at your ease.

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