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Become a skilled Forklift Operator

The UK government allows only the trained professionals to operate complex machinery. There are many kinds of forklifts for various purposes and it is mandatory that you receive proper forklift training before you apply for forklift operator jobs anywhere in the UK. We have been helping hundreds of people get their forklift training certificates to get forklift operator jobs in London, Manchester and Birmingham. No matter which forklift do you opt to operate, we have a forklift training course for everything.

What we Offer?

We get variety of people with diverse needs when it comes to forklift training. To cater all or most of them, we have introduced different types of forklift training sessions.

Intermediate Forklift Training

We offer intermediate or standard forklift training for those who are not familiar with this kind of training before. This is perfect for people who are completely new in this industry. We introduce trainees to the vehicles and tell them the foundations of operating a forklift safely.

Advanced Forklift Training

This advanced forklift training is for people who are already familiar with the basics of forklift operating. In this forklift training you can expect to learn advanced level things about the safety and operations of the forklift in work environment. We have an intensive training session which involves all the tiny details from the start till the end.

Refresher Forklift Training

Companies all around the UK expects their forklift operators to undergo refresher forklift training at least once a year in order to ensure the workplace safety. Our refresher forklift training consists of one or maximum two days in a row. We are well equipped with the latest forklifts. The most commonly used forklift for training purposes is a counterbalance forklift that we train our trainees on.

Career Prospects as a Forklift Operator

HGV training centre

You can only expect the best after your forklift operator training has ended successfully because there are hundreds of forklift operator jobs that are posted every single day throughout the UK. You can easily make as much as £30,000 per annum working in various manufacturing industries and warehouses. This is a skill that you can easily cash at any given moment in your life.

Your Funding Options

You can easily apply for our 0% interest rate funding option where we give you a chance to start training and pay later once you are finished.

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