Preparing For Your Day As A Bus Driver

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Getting up and getting ready to reach work as a bus driver means helping hundreds of other people reach work too. In 2016, there were 5.04 billion bus passenger journeys in the UK. Without trained bus drivers, it wouldn’t be possible for thousands people to reach their destinations every day. Today a single bus journey costs around £2.40 (the reason why many people prefer taking the bus). A bus driver is responsible for the safety of hundreds of people every single day, therefore there is no margin of errors in this job. To carry out your responsibilities perfectly, you need to be fully trained bus driver. There are professional PCV bus training schools in the UK providing bus driver training. You can also accommodate yourself with these helpful tips.


You should always begin with analysing yourself. A PCV license holder has a higher standard of medical than any normal license holder because the safety of the passengers is the foremost thing in a bus or coach driver’s job. Therefore it is important for your to be trained with a professional bus driver training school.

You should take care of your health and make sure you take any prescribed medication that you are supposed to regularly. Always make sure you stay away from drugs and alcohol before you drive. To always stay alert, sit in the right posture so you breathe properly as you should. Take proper precautionary measures if you feel tired at the wheel like short breaks and caffeine intake.

Checklist Before You Get On the Road.

The inspection of your vehicle every single day should be your starting point. Make sure you carry out PVS, in-cab and external vehicle checks to have a safe journey throughout the day. Here’s a list of few things you need to take notice of:

  • Check for any air leaks or pressure drops
  • Make sure your exit and entrance doors are working properly
  • Adjust all the mirrors you need to drive safe
  • Check your wipers, horn and demister
  • Make sure all the lights and reflectors are fitted and working accurately
  • Ensure that the tyres are in good condition and inflated
  • Check your driving controls, seat and safety belt
  • Check passenger walkways, seats and handrails
  • Make sure the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are in place
  • Check for any oil, water or fluid leaks
  • Check all your gauges
  • Make sure your brakes and steering wheel are in good working conditions.


It’s good to be Safe than Sorry

  • Know that your job as a PVC bus driver WILL require you to interact with people and be on your best behaviour in all respects. The attributes of a good PVC driver are that he/she respects all the passengers boarding the bus. Good bus drivers help passengers and are fully devoted to their job. Another thing that being an exceptional bus driver requires is staying calm through different weather conditions and be in control of their road rage.
  • As a bus driver your topmost priority should be defensive driving. You need to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Remember, there are many other vehicles sharing the road with you, in order to maintain discipline, you need to follow all the traffic rules and regulations.
  • Never take your bus through places it’s not meant to pass through. For example, a drive through or railroad crossings if the gates are down.
  • Never unnecessarily change lanes, overtake or reverse the vehicle.
  • Also take a clear notice when a passenger is getting on or taking off your bus. Never speed up instantly after the passenger steps down or comes aboard.
  • Always carry your documents with you on the bus. For example, your Driver qualification card and analogue or digital tachograph.

Keep yourself and everyone on board safe with attending an authorised and good driving school. It plays a vital role on how your career grows in the future. Safe driving!

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